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DOSIER  >sparks, waves and horizons< | premiere at Musica Viva


Minas Borboudakis in discussion with Julian Kämper about his work for the Musica Viva here. Curious? Read the entire Musica Viva program notes [...]


Listen to the broadcast of the premiere of >sparks, waves and horizons< on BR-Klassik [...] 

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Music journalist Michaela Fridrich conceived the one-hour-lasting composer's portrait on BR-Klassik. She interviewed Minas Borboudakis on his way of composing, on the music behind the notes, and ancient Greek myths and archetypes in arts.

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20/7/2024 Schwere Reiter | Munich | Germany

For many decades there has been a deep human and artistic friendship between Minas Borboudakis and the members of the Munich-based ensemble der/gelbe/klang. On the occasion of the fiftieth birthday of Minas Borboudakis [...] Download the flyer ⬇️


18/4/2024 BR2 Concerto Bavarese

Some of Minas' most important works  such as >Askese. Savatores Dei< the piano concerto, >choróchronos I< or >entropic polyphonies< will be presented in two hour braodcast dedicated to his music. Click & listen 🔈



Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts | Munich | Germany

The first three parts of the chamber music series ROAI by Minas Borboudakis, based on the Heraclitean phrase πάντα ῥεῖ (panta rhei/everything flows) will be justexposed to the recent string trio >cinq cartes postales autobiographiques< in the welcoming concert of Minas Borboudakis as a new member in the Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. >ROAI I< for piano trio is developing the idea of the horizontal flow in the music, being followed by the second work of the series for Cello and piano, which is dealing with the vertical movement of the sound through time. >ROAI III< for piano, electroacoustic & synthetic sounds focuses on the inability of the instrument to produce a flowing sound (like wind and string instruments are able to do) and expands it's sound through the electronic environments.



National Greek Opera | Athens | Greece

Eminent conductor Constantinos Carydis and reknowned pianist Nikolaos Laaris are performing a selection of Greek works for solo piano and two pianos inspired by the relationship between man and the Divine on the main stage of the Greek National Opera. Constantinos Carydis is performing Borboudakis' early piano piece >Katharis< written on 2002 which is inspired by the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri.

Ensemble Aventure
©Ensemble Aventure

17/4/2024 Elisabeth Schneider Stiftung | Freiburg | Germany

19/4/2024 Schwere Reiter | Munich | Germany

20/4/2024 Textiles Museum | Augsburg | Germany

Under the title: Ἑλλάς – Ränder und Zentren [Hellas - Centers and peripheries] the Freiburg-based Ensemble Aventure will be presenting a rich program of greek composers in three cities of southern Germany. >ROAI V< for viola, bass clarinet & prepared piano, as well as >photonic constructions I< for ensemble will be performed between works of the younger generation by composers such as Irini Amargiannaki, Vassiliki Krimitsa, Georgia Koumara and others.

©Susanne Krauss
©Susanne Krauss


Rubinstein Saal | Munich | Germany

Long-term collaborator and good friend Andreas Skouras is performing Minas' early piano piece >1945. Nachklänge der Vergangenheit< (1945. Echoes of the past) in Steinwayhaus Munich among works by various composers related to the city. The program is a journey about the past and transience, bringing Borboudakis' >echoes<, written in 1995 for the 50th anniversary of the ending of  world war II, in a historical & philosophical context.

Constantinos Carydis Minas Borboudakis Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra
©Andrew Staples

30 & 31/5/2024 Berwaldhallen | Stockholm | Sweden 

>Z metamorphosis< continues its journey to Sweden after several performances in major European Philharmonic Halls  through the Mozarteum Orchester Salzburg, the Oslo Philharmonic, the Orchestra Nationale della RAI Torino and the Junge Deutsche Philharmonie. Under the baton of Constantinos Carydis, the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra will perform the Swedish premiere of >Z metamorphosis<.

The large scaled work, which was premiered in January 2022 with the Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg under Carydis' baton, is not only making use of the instrumental reservoir of a full orchestra, but it is also transforming the main musical elements of the homonymous pacifistic opera >Z<  in a symphonic form, creating new sonorities out of the already used material.     

>Z metamorphosis< is a co-commission by the well known Mozarteumorchester Salzburg and the Junge Deutsche Philharmonie, realised with the kind support of the Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung.

musica viva Minas Borboudakis symphonieorchester des bayerischen Rundfunks Iannis Xenakis Francesca Verunelli
©BR/musica viva

23/2/2024 Herkulessaal | Munich | Germany

>sparks, waves and horizons< for large orchestra will be premiered by the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra at musica viva, one of the world’s most famous events for future-oriented and contemporary music based in Munich.

The commissioned work is inspired by the form of the waves which is integrated in several parameters of the music. 

Duncan Ward will conduct further works by S. Gubaidulina, C. Ives, and M. Djordjevic´.

der/gelbe/klang, ensemble

20/7/2024 Schwere Reiter | Munich | Germany

For many decades there has been a deep human and artistic friendship between Minas Borboudakis and the members of the Munich-based ensemble der/gelbe/klang.
On the occasion of the fiftieth birthday of Minas Borboudakis the ensemble will perform several works for solo instruments written over the years for the musicians of the ensemble such as >light & ashes< for clarinet and live electronics, >things happening< für double bass solo [premiere], >le cri de Marsyas< for baroque oboe and electronics as well as a new work for percussion solo.

Download the brochure for further details ⬇️

© der/gelbe/klang
© der/gelbe/klang

24/3/2024 Hochschule für Musik | Munich | Germany

>three sonic miniatures< for flute, violoncello & piano will be performed at the opening concert of Jugend Komponiert Bayern, the annual competition for jung composers, to which Minas Borboudakis is artistic director.

The work was commissioned by Onassis Cultural Center for the European INTERFACES Network. The three short pieces, written for children, are using sonic material and extended techniques on the instruments to describe different situations, in a poetical, groovy, and humoresque way.

Besides Borboudakis' work, the Munich-based ensemble der/ gelbe/klang will perform works by P.M. Schneid and A. Schlünz.