"Music is life and life is Music"


is Minas Borboudakis credo, reflecting on his work as composer, interpreter and educator. He finds inspiration in subjects which focus on the human being, on cosmological  and philosophical themes. Composing is for Minas an effort to understand life through music. Heraclitus, Jorge Luis Borges, Nora Gomringer, Nikos Kazantzakis, Petrarch, Stephen Hawking, El Greco as well as many great thinkers of the past and of our time have had a great effect on his music.


"Music is compressed energy"


The balance between intellect and impulsiveness is one of the most characteristic elements of Minas' compositions. His intellectual approach to great tasks of life on one hand  and his ability to make the listeners feel his music physically on the other hand, give his musical language a unique energy. The transparent compositional idiom, which Minas creates with his music, combines microtonal elements with electronic sonorities and expressive gestures.


Being on the stage as a pianist and as conductor, he aims to bring contemporary music closer to a wide audience. Education programs in schools, composition workshops and masterclasses as well as special projects with young people, are important fields in his work.


"Think in music!"


Kent Nagano, Peter Sadlo, Juraj Valčuha, Constantinos Carydis, Andreas Skouras, Katerina Evangelatos, Vangelis Hatziyannidis and many others have been his collaborators throughout the past years, achieving works such as the music theater "Z" in Athens, "Enheduanna - A Manifesto of Falling" in Glasgow and "Angels"  a dance theater in Maastricht.


©Astrid Ackermann